In order to check some condition before clicking / filling add addon to that specific action. You can add condition by clicking on **</>** icon which appears when you hover over action row.



Its little tricky but believe me its not that hard to find.

Follow below steps to get XPath

  1. Right click any button or link or whaterver you want to click in webpage and select Inspect.
  2. It will open developer console and highlight that element under Elements Tab
  3. Right click that element and select Copy > Copy XPath.
  4. Thats it you have your XPath of that element now.

Click here to find xpath Examples


You can specify what condition you need to apply.
(a) - value or text of xpath element
(b) - value provided in configuration page field.

Name Type Description
Equals String |
(a) should be equal to (b)
Contains String |
(a) contains (b)
Greater Than Number (a) is greater than (b)
Lesser Than Number (a) is lesser than (b)
Greater Than Equals Number (a) is greater than or equals to (b)
Lesser Than Equals Number (a) is lesser than or equals to (b)


Suppose you are performing action on input, textarea, dropdown you should provide one extra field that is value for xpath you have added.

This is mandatory field only if xpath element is input, textarea, dropdown.